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Lovera Serum

 Lovera Serum is the real “night soldier”, quickly coping with the problems of the mature skin. In addition, this anti-wrinkle remedy smooths wrinkles and increases the turgor.

That give the correct mode of life and diet allows you to significantly tighten your face and neck. Concentrate moisturizes normal and combined, mats greasy, soothes dry and irritated skin.Lovera Serum

First, the serum does not contain mineral oils. That is the basis of creams, and that create a moisture-holding barrier on the skin. And it also prevents the skin from breathing.

Secondly, the serum has much less such softening and thickening agents as natural oils. The tool against aging in question has a water base in which there are no oils at all. There are advantages to this.

Since all the “extra” fluids from the serum are an excluded, the concentration of the most useful and active ingredients increases at times.

If in conventional cosmetics the concentration of active substances is from 5 to 10%, then this product reaches up to 70%!

What is Lovera Serum?

Lovera Serum is the regenerating serum with peptides and hyaluronic acid is a characterized by an ultrathin and penetrating texture.

Active components act faster and more efficiently, providing a quick result. The skin restores its shine and radiance. Among other things, whey increases the production of collagen, thus smoothing wrinkles.

Thanks to the simultaneous action of unique peptides and a serum rich in active ingredients, professional skin care at home have become available. It freed women from the painful treatments, wasting time on trips to beauty salons and unnecessary costs.

Yeah, unfortunately, with age, the skin loses its tenderness, elasticity, in return, there are wrinkles, swelling, and circles under the eyes. But there is an amazing remedy – peptide serum, which can preserve the youthfulness of the skin for a long time. It consists of components that make the skin unaffected by time.

However, the high concentration of peptides stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, which is very important for tightening the skin of the face.

The tool protects the skin from free radicals, which accelerate the aging process, moisturizes the skin, and improves its condition. [1]

Ingredients of Lovera Serum

The composition of Lovera Serum under consideration is completely a peptide kit. And that is why it helps to minimize skin stiffness, strengthening the synthesis of hyaluronates and stimulating collagen fibrillogenesis.

The components have a dual effect on collagen in fibroblasts. In particular, this is an enhancement of collagen synthesis and protection of collagen from destruction. Lovera Serum

Specifically, the whey consists of specially purified rice and soy peptides and biotechnologically produced yeast proteins.

All this together improves microcirculation, protects the structure of collagen and elastin, and also reduces the number of free radicals.

This collection of peptide compounds is well-known dipeptides, which have a remarkable ability to rejuvenate cells approaching aging.

By the way, because the composition of the components of this serum is a unique source of building blocks for the skin.

After all, it nourishes the skin cells, stimulates their regeneration, and supports the formation of collagen in the epidermal and dermal layers. Thus, the use of Lovera Serum provides the skin with a resource for a deep rejuvenating effect.

Numerous studies of the mechanism of this product on the skin have shown that it forms strong bonds with the free amino groups of lysine in keratin. And then it keeps the balance of skin hydration, reduces redness and irritation caused by fruit acids.[2]

How Does Lovera Serum Work?

The main action of this remedy against age wrinkles carries out with the help of various peptides, which represent the composition of the serum. So, in the context of regular use, the means based on peptides intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

In addition, the product promotes deeper penetration and distribution of water in the epidermis, stimulates the synthesis of ceramides.Lovera Serum

The action also aims at complex hydration, so Lovera Serum restores the barrier function and reduces the transepidermal loss of water.

And this, in turn, weakens allergic reactions and enhances regenerative processes. Do not forget that moisturizing contributes to detoxification and revitalization, and also calms removes irritation.

Indeed, peptides in the composition have a different nature of origin. That is why they also impose an antioxidant and immunomodulatory effect.

And besides, it blushes with pronounced anti-inflammatory, softening, wound-healing, vasoconstrictive, antibacterial and antioxidant effect.

The molecules of the serum are so tiny that the skin absorbs them faster and deeper. More thick and fatty creams form a kind of film on the surface of the skin.

It, however, is useful when it requires retaining moisture in the skin layers, but outside it can remain active ingredients that cannot penetrate through it. By the way, this product does not create a film and does the job of rejuvenating your skin in a natural way.

Benefits of using Lovera Serum

  • Lovera Serum has an intense rejuvenating and tightening effect on the skin of the face, neck, and décolleté region.
  • Considered remedy against wrinkles actively resists the aging process, effectively restores skin tone and elasticity, gives it a young and fresh look. Moreover, it provides the excellent lifting effect.
  • The anti-aging action of the serum has the base on the action of the peptide, a powerful anti-aging component. So, that promotes toning and accelerates the skin renewal process.
  • The composition of peptides includes hundreds of amino acids. It stimulates the production of its own collagen, responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.
  • Viewed serum immediately absorbs, intensely saturates the skin, preparing it for further care. Due to the light texture, the product penetrates deep into the epidermis and keeps the moisture inside all day.
  • Lovera Serum smooths wrinkles and improves the structure, elasticity, and function of the skin. Promotes strengthening of connections between different layers of the skin.
  • The proactive components of the formula have an excess activity to optimize global skin regeneration and regeneration.
  • Peptide antioxidant into the compound of this serum contributes to reducing the number of wrinkles on the face. To add the elasticity of the skin, tightening the face oval, reducing pigmentation, and smoothing the tone.
  • The anti-aging remedy protects the skin from free radicals, which accelerate the aging process, moisturizes the skin, and improves its condition.[3]

Result and Recommendations

Result of using Lovera Serum

The peculiarities of the result of the product in question against premature aging are, first of all, the rapid and effective penetration and absorption of molecules. In addition, Lovera Serum has a strong biological activity, a visible smoothing effect, against wrinkles.

Users postulate that the serum very effectively activates Lovera Serumcell regeneration and restores skin structure, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the matrix of the dermis.

At the same time, it actively moisturizes at the level of the epidermis and dermis, restores the thickness of the skin.

From the first days of use, this improves the ability of skin cells to regenerate.

In turn, clinical studies have shown that within a short time there is a reduction of wrinkles by 20%, as well as a visible contraction of deep wrinkles.

Proved that this relaxes the muscles-constrictors, preventing a formation of facial wrinkles. By the way, the product stimulates skin rejuvenation at the cellular level.

Summarizing the result of the regular use of the serum under consideration, it is worth noting that this anti-aging product promotes the formation of new collagen fibers.

Thanks to peptides, this increases the antioxidant defense of the skin from toxins. At the same time, there is a process of normalization of melanin formation. And also, there is a removal of inflammatory processes on the skin and increases the regeneration of skin activity, including. [4]


Since the ingredients of the sera are very active, they can weaken the protective barrier of the skin. Therefore, the serum is a contraindicated in people with sensitive and prone to irritability skin, especially with chronic disorders such as eczema.

If you have too dry or age skin, then you may not have enough serums for proper moisturizing of the skin. The moistening effect of serums is minimal.

People with such skin has recommendations to apply daily or night moisturizing or nourishing cream on top of the serum. It will create a protective barrier on the skin that keeps moisture inside, as well as active ingredients of the serum.

As the using of Lovera Serum, all is the simplest. After washing and cleaning the face, apply the serum on the face, with the amount of a pea, and easily spread the fingertips across the face.

If you have sensitive skin, apply the serum not to wet, but to completely dried skin (after 10-15 minutes after washing), then its action will slow down and irritation will be less.

Additionally, you can apply this remedy both in the morning and at night, but only once a day. Overdo it with the sera is dangerous – you can get a completely different effect, which you expect.

In extreme cases, if you really want to use the serum a second time, you can literally add a drop of whey to your day or night cream. Do not apply serum if the day before you did a peeling or applied a scrub.[3]

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