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Today’s review is on my personal anti wrinkle desired product – Cellogica Skin Stem Cell Technology. To be truly sincere, I only started utilizing it because Joanna Krupa was endorsing it but I have had actually incredible results. Possessing clean, sleek skin isn’t just wonderful, but it also brings on substantial confidence in addition to self-respect.

Anyway what you choose to do, you’re with regular experience of people. You desire to be able to display your face off — not hide with distress!
There are many products that claim they can combat skin aging and delay the appearance of wrinkles but don’t actually deliver those outcomes. Now you can decrease and fill wrinkles without resorting to Cosmetic Surgery with Cellogica!

An Overview:

Cellogica Skin wrinkle cream is a non-greasy technique of which uses modern stem cell engineering for you to bring back fresh skin tone stem tissues, stop the loss of present skin tone stem tissues, along with boost the skins barrier roles. This kind of anti-wrinkle cream along with natural skin care lotion defends and fixes the skin, although dealing with against chronological aging and environmental strain.
The day lotion is not hefty consequently it is used to clean face prior to the use of make-up. The night time lotion concentrates on humidity along with restoration. It has potent, slow absorbing elements created to penetrate during several hours. The results are refurbished, new, healthful, and glowing looking skin tone!

How Does It Work?

Cellogica’s day cream is formulated to be non-greasy and less heavy so it can be useful to clean face before application of make-up. It locks in hydration and protects the skin from environmental conditions and free radicals. It also contains Rona-Flair, functional filler that diffuses light thus making lines virtually invisible. This ‘Red Carpet Ready’ ingredient is the secret of the Stars. With Cellogics, you too, can be readyd carpet ready. Cellogics’s Day creams core function is to Protect and Enhance the skin.
Cellogica’s night cream is focused on moisture and recovery. The night cream has the anti-aging components giving you the restoration and repair to the skin.


•Malus Domestica Stem Cells (rare Swiss Apple) preserves the skin cells, prevents their breakdown and generates new tissue that averts aging.
• Rhododendron Ferrugineum (Alpine Rose) wards off environmental damage and fortifies skin barrier, enhancing epidermal stem cells.
• Hyaluronic Acid reduces crinkles by smoothing skin tone, preventing damage, boosting collagen and elastic and enforcing skin’s protection against free radicals.
• RonaFlair LDP blocks wrinkles, spreads light distribution on the face.
• Kojic Acid reduces acnes, under eye circles and keeps the radiance.
• SYN-Ake reproduces Temple Viper Venom Peptide and relaxes muscles that lead to smoothing of fine lines and wrinkle.
• SYN-COLL is an aqueous glycerin formula that promotes collagen synthesis, reduces wrinkles.

The Benefits:

Cellogica Skin unique formula changes your skin’s ability to resist aging. It technically mixes five best anti-aging components that work together to produce a maximum anti-aging effect.

• Hydrate and revive sun damaged skin
• Removes marks, spots, and freckles
• Reduces wrinkles
• Diminishes fine lines and crows feet
• Tightens skin
• Stimulate collagen production
• Shrink pores
• Protects against aging
• Prompt wrinkle fall via light diffusion

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