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People in the early 20 years old sometimes have skin problems. These problems usually solved by some skin care. Night cream is the one of the solution.

Usually, people will have some skin problem in the early puberty period. It is around 13-20 years old. However, the problems may still exist in 20s.

Best Night Cream For 20sThe first common problem is acne. Acne mostly comes in growing teenagers. It is because of food and environment factors. Acne is annoying thing in your face.

It creates small bulges around your face. Dealing with this acne should be careful. Otherwise, it will remain some permanent scar on your face.

Acne usually comes in oily face. It means, your face is not clean enough and easy for bacteria to penetrate. Therefore, people should take a prevention action.

Night cream helps you here. It keeps your skin health by moisturizing and injecting a nutrition into it naturally. It makes your morning face looks brighter each day.

Night cream is nice for preventing agent of skin problem. This cream can solve more skin problems too. Patchy skin, blackheads, and wrinkle are the example.

People get skin problems because of many factors. The most influence factor is environment. Unhealthy environment makes your skin fragile of problem.

In this case, people who do not clean up their face will get more problem. Bacteria, toxins, and UV lights may affect easily. It arises some problems as well.

Studies believe that using night cream will defend your skin better. It works as an internal protection. It gives your skin nutrition in your night.

Therefore, you can get fresher look in the morning. It is because night cream has moisturized and gives your skin more nutrition. It also prevents you from any skin problem.

What is Night Cream?

There is no detail history of night cream discovery. However, this kind of skin care product commonly used in the early 21st century. There are many users tried this.

Night cream is a term refers to a beauty cream used before bedtime. It sometimes used as a mask or simple cream poured. It is beneficial to make you look fresher.

The attitude to use night cream recognized in Roman ladies in 20th century. At that time, some women apply olive oil on their face before going to bed. It purposes to avoid wrinkles.

The uses of this cream are popular by time. Some people in 20s even use it to prevent some puberty skin problems. It usually works well in long-term application.

Night cream in long-term application is able to create changes of your skin. It will make your skin fresher and cleaner. It keeps the moisturize level but avoids oily face.

It is different when someone does not use night cream. The face appearance will not in natural look. Daily cosmetic only covers for some hours.

However, it does not give you better skin health. Daily cosmetic will not make you naturally beautiful. It only enhances your appearance in working hours.

Non-night cream users are usually easy to find their skin dries. It is because the water percentage is low. There is no enough water absorbed by skin.

It also makes them easy to get wrinkle. It happens since the skin is not elastic. Inelastic skin creates wrinkle fast. It makes you look older than you are.

Wrinkle will also appear once you have got stress mood. Night cream application will provide some nutrition needed by your face. It makes the wrinkle go away effectively.

In fact, night cream also performs as an anti-wrinkle cream. It can keep your younger look. It avoids many other aging signs as well.

Night Cream Solves These Problems

Night cream is a beneficial product both for teenagers and for adults. It has many benefits to overcome some skin problems. 20s women will need this as well.

In the early 20s until early 30s, people will get some skin problems. This problem actually may disappear with night cream application. Here are the common problem found in 20s people

  • Pimples

Pimples or acne commonly seen in puberty period. However, pimple sometimes becomes annoying part of your life around 20s. It makes your face looks strange.

However, it is a normal thing happens in human. Some hormones may affect this phenomenon. Acne or pimples usually appear in oily face.

Some hormone changes and any emotional situation may arise oily face. Oily face will make bacteria easy to penetrate. It will then affect your skin by pimples.

Pimples will never come as long as the skin is not oily. The high stress level will also become the factor of it.

People around 20s usually meet their productive age. This period may make them work or study very hard. It makes their hormone affected and stimulates pimple.

The effect of pollution also becomes logical reason. People in 20s usually started to travel a lot during holidays. It makes their face affected by dust, UV lights, and pollution.

  • Patchy Skin

During 20s, people are in active period. They may work hard and need to go out from office many times. They perhaps need to travel in a beach a lot for holidays.

It makes their skin becomes patchy. Patchy skin is a condition when a part of our skin darker. However, the darker part does not spread naturally. It is because of UV lights radiation.

The body parts which always covered by clothes get no effect. It makes your skin looks strange. It also happens the same in your face.

Commonly, people will use sunglasses when they are going to a beach. After some time pass, the face part which uncovered by sunglasses will be darker.

This patchy skin happens since your face moisturized poorly. It means, your skin has a little water percentage to defend skin dehydration. It finally makes darker look.

Patchy skin effect will decrease or even disappear by using night cream. The routine application of night cream will moisturizes 20s skin until in its deepest cell. It is fact!

  • Clogged Pores

The clogged pores happen when people rarely rinse their face from any cosmetic use. Clogged pore means unhealthy skin. It can irritate your skin deeply.

Cosmetic application usually gives you chemical component in it. It is important to clean up the skin after a day working. It makes your skin healthier.

Night cream is not cosmetic. It is better performs as a face cleaner. It works by neutralizing face from chemical particles which covered pores.

  • Wrinkles

Even though wrinkles is the example of aging signs, it happens in 20s skin too. It appears since your skin has little moist. Therefore, you need to apply night cream.

Night cream can work as Anti-aging cream. It moisturizes your skin naturally. It makes your appearance better by time.

Wrinkles may appear in 20s since sometimes people work frequently in front of computer. Drinking alcohol and smoking may also cause its creation.

Best Natural Night Cream for 20s

Night cream has produced by many manufactures nowadays. It makes the use becomes popular by time. However, it may contains chemical component.

Chemical component in night cream may react to your skin. Especially, for the one who has sensitive skin. It makes the essential purpose of night cream is not optimum.

Therefore, here are the best natural night cream components you can apply:

  1. Olive Oil

This oil has widely-known since the middle century. It works as the natural components for any beauty cream. It has many benefits as well.

The main function of this oil is to moisturize your skin. It has nice smell as well. Therefore, it is also able for relaxing you during night rest.

Olive oil is a perfect agent for anti-wrinkle. It disappear the existing wrinkle and avoid the future wrinkle as well. It significantly makes your face more moisturized.

  1. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil is rich of vitamin C. It is good as an antioxidant agent in your face. It reduces dark parts in your face and neutralizes pollutant which exists in your skin cell.

The extract will make your face looks fresher. It works by cleaning chemical parts from your cosmetics. It will defend your face from any bacteria and pollutant penetration.

  1. Sweet Almond Oil

This oil commonly used in modern skin care products. It is very helpful to moisturize your skin deeply. It also creates a barrier for protecting your skin from any pollutant.

The barrier works as well as in protecting the skin from UV A and UV B. It locks skin moisture. It makes your skin is able to prevent itself from patchy condition.

Benefits of Night Cream for 20s Skin

The benefits of this cream are many. It helps you to defend your skin from any aging signs and other skin problems. The lists of benefits are:

  • It moisturizes your skin face
  • It creates a barrier to protect from radiation
  • It neutralize chemical parts in cosmetics
  • It provides better skin treatment
  • Night cream is able to absorb deeply during the night use.
  • It prevents you from wrinkle and other aging signs
  • It relaxes your skin cell
  • It locks skin elasticity well.

Those are the best benefits you can get by applying night cream. Regular application even makes you get better result. It makes your face stay fresh in productive age.

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