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The best face cream is useful to eliminate dark spots. Dark spot is the one of aging signs human has. Eliminating that signs will make you look younger naturally.

Dark spot may appear in your face naturally by aging process. If you have found there are some dark spots, it signs that you are getting older. It makes your face darker.

Best Face Cream for Dark SpotsDark spot is not only aging signs. There are many aging signs which are coming together with the dark spot. There are wrinkles, dry skin, pimple traces, etc.

However, dark spot is the aging sign which completely makes your face worse. It comes as some small-black spots spread around your face. It simply darkens face.

The dark spot itself is not an illness. It is only the situation that your face reacts of the aging period. The reaction will then create those annoying dots on your face.

Getting older is normal for everyone. However, the aging signs are possible to reduce. It makes you look younger than your age.

This article will finally reveal what the dark spot is. The best eye cream to overcome the problem. You can also find home-made recipe for face cream.

What is Dark Spot?

Dark spot is something annoying appears on your face. The shape is just like small dots spread around your face. Sometimes, it also arises on your neck.

The spots appeared are vary. It sometimes comes with a large dots or smaller spots. However, both of them are the same problem for aging face.

If you have seen the old man face before, you may realize it. In an old man face, dark spots spread out in some location. They are on forehead, chicks, neck, etc.

Sometimes, you will even see the large spots. A few large spots create a big circle on the skin with a darker color. It simply makes the face like polka dot clothes.

The spot itself can be black or adapting darker color on your skin. It comes also with brown and dark brown. From far away, people will look you have a darker skin.

Actually, the spots arise because of reaction. What kinds of reaction? Our skin receives many inputs, both positive and negative.

The positive one comes when we moisturize the skin using moisturizer. It also comes from daily bathing. Face cream and eye cream combination also are good input.

However, the negative input such as pollution and free radical components are not good. It simply makes our skin dry. It makes nice cells are broken. It will finally makes dark spots.

Skin pores can be larger when your face is dry. Therefore, water percentage is important. Any nutrition like vitamin E also crucial to change the atmosphere here.

It regenerates your skin cell and makes your skin elastic. Elastic skin has tight pores. Consequently, bacteria and toxins are difficult to penetrate to your skin.

It is different when you have larger skin pores, Bacteria and toxins are easily going into your skin deeply. It causes aging signs come quicker and annoying pimples.

If you are using masker, it will reduce the penetration. However, it doesn’t really helpful. Those bacteria and toxins are very small. They can possibly see by microscope and it pierces the defense of your masker.

What are The Signs of Dark Spot?

Dark spots have many signs. The signs below will give you clear image to distinguish which one is aging dark spots or pimples trace only. The signs are:

  • It comes at > 30 years old person

The dark spots initially arise at 30 years old. If you do not find any spot at this age, it means your skin healthy is good. However, most people will start having the spots at this age.

It is different for each one. Sometimes dark spots appear quicker but sometimes not. It depends on how they take care of their skin.

The problem is when the dark spot comes before 30 years old. It indicates that your skin is dry. Dry skin is easy to irritate.

It also signs that you have got a lot of stress. Perhaps, it comes from your school or your workplace. Stress level actually influences your aging skin. It is the same thing when you have found white hair in young people.

  • It comes with wrinkle

Dark spot is aging sign. So does wrinkle. They usually appear together at a time. Once wrinkle appears, dark spots will follow.

The spots usually shape by step. You will never recognize when your face is forming dark spots. You started to recognize it when you have already had many of them.

The easy way to predict dark spot will come is by recognizing wrinkle. Once you have found wrinkles, the dark spots will come next. Therefore, you should prepare the treatment for your skin soon.

It is typically more difficult to overcome dark spots than wrinkle. Consequently, you have to take care of your face as soon as possible.

  • Dry skin around

If you pay more attention, you will realize the dark spots area is dry. It actually arises as your dry skin reaction to the environment.

If the skin dries, it is easy for toxins, free-radical particles, and many more to penetrate. It signs that the antioxidant of your skin is minimum. Therefore, you will need antioxidant to fight skin oxidation.

Skin oxidation is the process when your skin comes darker and dryer in certain place. It may because of UVA or UVB radiation, pollution, and many more. Your skin burns and it becomes darker.

Why do You Need Best Face Cream for Dark Spot?

Face cream moisturize the skin. That is the answer. Once your skin moisturized, you will be able to avoid dark spots.

Dry skin is the main cause why any aging signs come. Aging signs may come naturally. However, if your skin dry, it comes faster.

Eye cream usually has a combination to enhance your skin elasticity. It has moisturizer, antioxidants, and some components make your face fresher.

Moisturizer will keep the water percentage of your skin. Your skin will have better elasticity and moist level. Moist skin is different with oiled face.

Oiled face will reflects a light and looks disgusting. While moist skin looks brighter and elastic. Therefore, if you have an oiled face, it doesn’t mean that the water concentration in your face skin is normal.

Antioxidants will prevent you from toxins penetration. The antioxidant usually comes from Vitamin E if it is for skin health. Vitamin C is also good choice to avoid free-radical penetration.

The benefit of using face cream is not only good for woman, but for man as well. However, woman’s skin is more sensitive and soft. Therefore, they need to take care their skin more.

The eye cream products are various nowadays. You can select from various selection. It starts from the cheapest one until the most glamour one.

It is actually not so important. Perhaps, price brings quality, but you need to know the suitable cream for your sin condition. Otherwise, it will give you negative reaction as in sensitive skin has.

There is a solution if you are confuse of it. If you initially try to use a face cream, you may make it by yourself. That home-made product is powerful and effective.

Home-Made Face Cream for Dark Spots

There is home-made recipe for overcoming dark spots. It is natural and safe. It has proven by many users as well. The cream usually called by Bleaching Cream.

You will need:

  • Oxygenated water (in a small cup)
  • Powdered milk (2 table spoon)
  • Vegetable glycerin (few drops only)
  • Lemon extract (few drops only)

Mix them all until the paste formed well. Then, you can apply the bleaching cream before going to bed and before going to work in the morning.

Benefits of Face Cream for Dark Spots

There are many benefits of face cream to reduce your aging signs. It also works well to recover dark spots which have formed. The benefits are:

  • It recovers the dark spots
  • It eliminates other aging signs like wrinkles
  • It makes your face more elastic
  • The skin feels smoother
  • The water percentage and moist level becomes normal
  • It protects your skin from free-radical and pollution
  • It covers your skin from UVA and UVB sun lights
  • It recovers dead cell in your skin

The benefit does not come abruptly. Usually, it takes a few weeks to show you the results. At the first glance, you will get fresher feeling of your face.

Then, the dark spots gone by steps. The color of the spot may become lighter. Then it will finally become normal as your skin color.

Result and Recommendation

The best face cream for you overcoming dark spots is the natural one. The natural component will give you better effects. It has long-term period effect and has no side effects.

If you are not sure to look for the best face cream in the market, you can simply make it. Other than that, consuming some fruits rich of vitamin C like grapes and orange also good to provide skin antioxidants

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