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Prima Derm

 Prima Derm is the cream with collagen for the face will help to fill the stock of necessary components in the skin cells, thereby regaining its youth.

This type of anti-wrinkle product refers to rejuvenating creams and helps to stop the aging of the skin and smooth existing wrinkles. Besides, this cream is suitable for women who have wrinkles on their face. It correctly fights with signs of aging, smooth lines and gives the face a young and fresh look.Prima Derm

The main active ingredients are vegetable collagen, which perfectly penetrates through the skin barrier and the collagen fibers, updating them.

Perhaps you know that collagen molecule are protein strands in the form of spirals resembling springs.

That is why the elasticity and smoothness of the skin are by the quality of collagen and elastin fibers, which consist of glycosaminoglycans.

If the level of glycosaminoglycans is low, then the springs, figuratively speaking, weaken, cease to retain moisture, and the skin hangs or stretches under the influence of external causes. In other words, it is the pure force of attraction (for example, flew) to large nasolabial folds.

We note that the manufacturer specifies that the cream contains a vegetable protein, a hydro firm collagen with a low molecular weight. So, it thoroughly absorbs into the skin and dissolved in water.

It not only integrates into skin cells but also activates the synthesis of its collagen. And that, according to the manufacturer, has a prolonged effect.[1]

What is Prima Derm?

Prima Derm is a development, which uses in its products exclusively protein extracted from plant components. Additionally, it worth noting is a unique method of processing collagen. That allows it to split into the smallest molecules that penetrate deep into the skin.

As a result, the epidermis becomes healthier, and its collagen begins to produce to a new level. The first results from the use of this cream come after two weeks.Prima Derm

There is a smoothing of wrinkles, as well as in improving the condition of the skin around the eye. And it still worth noting is the increase in elasticity and the elimination of dryness.

The manufacturer promises a general improvement in the quality of the skin. It manifests itself in increasing elasticity, eliminating wrinkles, and also improving the tone.

In addition, the clarity of the contour of the face, as well as a healthy shade of the epidermis. Prima Derm can also be for the neck and décolleté zone.

The main effect is at stimulating the processes of production of its elastin and collagen due to the saturation of cells with proteins. As a consequence, the wilting processes significantly slows down, and the skin becomes more attractive because of effective action of this remedy for your skin.

The cream contains many substances that neutralize the impact of polluted ecology. And also, it is especially important for women living in large cities. Moreover, there is the presence of vegetable cosmetic oils, which contribute to the improvement of skin color.[2]

Ingredients of Prima Derm

To understand what its synthesized variant it is necessary to understand what role this substance plays in our body.

Collagen is a component that is present in the ligaments and tendons in the human body, and it also fills the void between the muscle fibers. In human skin contains 70% of the protein collagen, while the remaining 30% – are in the body.Prima Derm

Thanks to this individual substance, which fills our skin, the elasticity and elasticity of the latter ensures.

The structure of this protein is unusual. It forms spiraling fibers, which makes our skin gets stretched.

Interestingly, collagen can attract water. It absorbs a volume of liquid thirty times its mass. That is why this component is an excellent moisturizer.

As mentioned above, collagen is a natural substance in cells; accordingly, the body can synthesize and update it independently.

We all know that in youth, the skin looks smooth and perfect – all because this protein is in the necessary amount of the body. With age, its independent “production” reduces.

Therefore, wrinkles appear, and the skin loses its elasticity and becomes flabby. Collagen face creams are to make up for the lack of collagen and to activate the original synthesis of the elastic material.

How Does Prima Derm Work?

How effective is the cream Prima Derm with collagen for the face, cosmetologists still argues. This cosmetic product not so long ago appeared on the market, causes ambiguous judgments. Some believe that this is a real youth elixir.

Others find in it a vast number of shortcomings. According to laboratory tests, the primary rejuvenating functions of collagen cream are as follows:

  • stimulates the natural process of renewal of the skin;
  • prolongs his youth;
  • moisturizes;
  • tightens;
  • increases elasticity, strength, elasticity;
  • struggles with age-related pigmentation;
  • corrects and eliminates scars and scars of various kinds;
  • smoothes wrinkles make them less noticeable;
  • prevents the phenomenon of ptosis (sagging);
  • eliminates the double chin and flew.

It seems that everything is just perfect, and there is no better way to rejuvenate the skin. It activates its natural growth and division, restores the structure of the skin. In addition to that, in vegetable protein also contain phytoestrogens, a kind of analogous to the critical female hormones.

Regularly apply the rejuvenating cream Prima Derm under consideration with a collagen of this kind, you will not long wait for the first results of rejuvenation.

Benefits of using Prima Derm

  • It has excellent moisturizing properties, correctly refreshes the skin, eliminates inflammation, and improves its elasticity.
  • This anti-aging tool is specialized for women from 35 years. The viewed cream helps to fight the signs of aging and withering of the skin, restores her elasticity and tone.
  • And this rejuvenation substance contains a vegetable variant of collagen. In turn, it helps regenerate the skin and smooth wrinkles on the face.
  • Daily applying of Prima Derm for half an hour before bedtime can make your face will look much younger.
  • There is a reliable and efficient stimulation of natural skin rejuvenation, and excellent pull-up and moisturizing effect.
  • It is safety due to a right cream with collagen can be without any fear for applying to the skin of the eyelids. The same with the viewed product.
  • And also, it actively counteracts age-related skin therapy;
  • Prima Derm provides an excellent lifting effect, not burdened with shortcomings of popular tightening procedures.
  • In addition to above, there is a smoothing of mimic and age wrinkle, fighting with splinters and double chin, and the slowing down of the processes of natural aging, as well as increasing the strength, elasticity of the skin.
  • This face cream against aging claim an elimination of scars and scars and decrease the probability of the lower eyelid (ptosis).
  • The manufacturer promises a general improvement in the quality of the skin, which manifests itself in increasing elasticity, eliminating wrinkles, and also improving the tone.
  • And remember the clarity of the contour of the face, as well as a healthy shade of the epidermis. This cream can also be for the neck and décolleté zone. [3]

Result and Recommendations

A result of using Prima Derm

Larger molecules of hydrated collagen remain on the surface of the skin, creating a natural protective film that provides moisture and protection for the skin. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the cream; Prima Derm includes pectin, vegetable protein, serine, arginine, proline and other components.Prima Derm

According to the results of the studies, after ten – twelve days seventy-nine percent of women paid attention to reducing the depth and number of wrinkles.

And in seventy-six percent the crow's feet began to be smoothed (wrinkles in the corners of the eyes).

Almost all the women surveyed noticed an improvement in skin condition: improved turgor and hydration.

The moisturizer cream Prima Dermis as a regular cream – light circular movements on the previously cleaned skin.

Firstly, that is because of the product complete renewal of the upper layer of the epidermis. And secondly, there is a slowing down of wilting processes.

Plus, the daily applying provides an intensive nutrition and hydration, bleaching of the skin and elimination of pigmentation. In addition, the viewed product increase of elasticity, as well as clarity of contours.

And also, there is a reduction of scars and scars, as well as post-acne, filling wrinkles, making them virtually invisible, and prevention of sagging eyelids and cheeks, and Chin lift as well.


Use funds with collagen for young skin prohibited! It is “lazy” before the time and will cease to repair the damaged elements of the surface independently.

In simple words, the skin of your face can no longer “live” without this cream, and to return her beautiful and youthful appearance. So, you will need to use the same means with collagen all the time.

The most suitable age, when such care will benefit – 40 years or more. In rare cases, cosmetologists prescribe the use of collagen-containing Prima Derm for women aged 35 to 40 years.

Withering skin needs adequate reinforcement with additional ingredients, and for these purposes, the best anti-aging cream, anti-aging or collagen cream.

Please note that contains a vegetable variant of collagen, which helps regenerate the skin and smooth wrinkles on the face. Thus, it is natural.

So, apply the product daily for half an hour before bedtime, and your face will look much younger.

Where Can You Get Prima Derm?

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Prima Derm

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